Herding Tigers Creative Leader Course (For Teams)


Move from insight to action with this revolutionary virtual workshop that includes five video teaching sessions, 7 physical workbooks, 7 copies of Herding Tigers, and a group discussion guide. (More books and workbooks can be purchased individually.)

Designed for teams. Get the in-person Herding Tigers Workshop experience, on your schedule.

Expanding upon his groundbreaking book Herding Tigers, Todd Henry shares the 7 part framework you need to effectively lead creative teams and produce brilliant work. While the in-person workshops cost tens of thousands of dollars, this virtual course provides smaller teams a cost-effective way to access the teaching and practical concepts a Herding Tigers Workshop provides.

Drawing upon his research for Herding Tigers as well as over a decade of interviews with some of the world’s top leaders, Todd Henry delivers this masterclass in creative leadership. In this course you’ll go beyond the basics to learn the 7 high-performance functions of any effective creative leader and how to implement these principles into your day-to-day interactions with your team.

The course includes five virtual teaching sessions, a printed workbook for each participant (7 included, more available by purchase), and 7 copies of Herding Tigers.

How It Works:

This course is designed for smaller teams who want to go beyond the basic concepts in Herding Tigers and discuss how to turn insights into action. Each of the modules consists of  four core components:

Video Teaching: Participants watch each video teaching (ranging from ten to thirty minutes in length)

The Book: Participants read the corresponding chapters in Herding Tigers

The Workbook: Participants complete their workbook assignment, with specific applications from the video and book

The Group Meeting: Participants meet to discuss what they learned and how to apply it. The group leader is equipped with discussion questions to guide the group discussion.


– Part Zero: Keynote and Course Prep

Watch the full Herding Tigers keynote/overview, and do workbook exercises to consider what they want to learn from the course.

– Part One: Introduction, Chapters 1-3 of Herding Tigers, 30 minute teaching

Discover what talented people need from their leaders with a 30 minute teaching session and the first section of Herding Tigers.

– Part Two: Chapters 4-5 of Herding Tigers, 16 minute teaching

Learn how to manage the relationships on your team and how to be the coach that talented, creative people need in order to thrive.

– Part Three: Chapters 6-8 of Herding Tigers, 21 minute teaching

On effective teams, everything hinges on trust and focus. In this part we discuss the fundamentals of effective culture, how to maintain trust, and how to ensure your team is focused on the right priorities.

– Part Four: Chapters 9-11 of Herding Tigers, 30 minute teaching

Your team has finite resources to spend on behalf of its work. How you allocate them ius everything. In this session, we look at how to manage your team’s energyu, how to lead the creative process, and how to effectively manage conflict.

– Part Five: Chapter 12 of Herding Tigers, 10 minute teaching

Everything hinges on the leader. In this final part, we consider your core leadership values, how you apply them, what you’ve learned from the course, and your next action steps.

Please Note: 

  • Upon purchase, you will receive instructions by email for accessing the course and adding participants.
  • Shipment of workbooks and materials can take up to 10 business days.
  • Books and workbooks ship separately.
  • For support or questions, please contact support@accidentalcreative.com.

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