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Festival de las Ideas

The iconic festival dedicated to ideas, innovation, and freedom was a true joy to experience.


Views: 340

Why You Should Be Afraid Of Ghost (Rules)

How invisible rules can haunt your team’s culture and inhibit good collaboration.


Views: 193

Find Your “Sweet Spot” Of Effectiveness

Your sweet spot is discovered through active contemplation, not passive reflection. The broader your base of experience, the more patterns you will be able to discern.


Views: 112

How To Release Control Of Your Team

Some leaders hire bright, talented, creative people for their team, then spend their entire day trying to turn them into little versions of themselves. Don’t do that.


Views: 147

Why Your Constant Hustling Is Getting You Nowhere

Of course you need to put your full effort into whatever you’re doing at any given time. However, be careful not to fall into the hustle trap.


• 3 Comments Views: 202

Why Great Leaders Aim For Influence, Not Control

Controlling behavior never leads to results beyond your own grasp. However, when you are able to achieve influence, you multiply your efforts and reproduce your values and principles in the lives of others.


Views: 127

How To Find Your Leadership Voice

Your team needs to be able to recognize what you value, why you care about it, and why it should matter to them.


Views: 113

3 Ways Leaders Unknowingly Limit Their Team’s Creativity

The better you are at setting good rails for your team, the more they will feel freedom to bring their best ideas and work to the table.

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