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The Most Important Question You’re Probably Not Asking

It’s almost a certainty that your team members have opinions of your decisions and leadership. However, they are unlikely to share those opinions freely unless given a window of opportunity.


Views: 128

How To Rise To The Moment

No one aspires to cowardice, yet many still choose it every day. They fail to speak up because they’re afraid of being wrong. They take the easier, more comfortable path instead of the one that could lead to immense return on their effort. Here’s how to fix it.


Views: 558

How To Give Effective Feedback About Creative Work

Poor, imprecise feedback can cause more problems than no feedback at all. Learn to give feedback that actually works.


Views: 489

Focus On Climate, Not The Weather

While it’s certainly important to address conflicts and work to resolve them in a healthy way, it’s equally important to focus on the overall culture of your team and how it is trending.


Views: 1,007

Good Decisions With Bad Outcomes

It’s faulty thinking to evaluate past decisions based upon your present understanding. And, doing so can lead to worse decisions in the future.


Views: 487

Reclaim The Profundity Of The Present

Each moment has meaning that, if ignored, will be lost forever. Circumstances will never again combine in this unique way to form this moment, right here, right now.


Views: 888

Don’t Chase Cool. Avoid The Zeitgeist Blender.

If you are feeling uninspired, recognize that it could be due to feeding on the output of the Zeitgeist Blender. Don’t allow cultural sentiment to rob you of the joy of surprise and delight.


Views: 1,272

We Are Unmoored. It’s Time To Re-Tether.

Without a central driving narrative, it’s easy to become “unmoored” and adrift. I believe this is precisely what’s happened to many professionals over the past few years.

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