Why Great Leaders Tell Great Stories

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As a leader of a creative organization, your job may be to tell your client’s story through the work of your team. Your team is in the business of positively shaping the perception a market has towards what your client is selling. You are attempting to gain the market’s trust through creative storytelling and branding. If effective storytelling is as much a part of selling your client’s image to the market then why shouldn’t it be an important tool in selling your leadership to your team?

Lisa Johnson has spent years studying the elements of effective storytelling and has become a sought-after consultant by some of the world’s largest brands. She believes that one of the best ways for leaders to show themselves to their team is through telling stories. Specifically, she says that leaders should tell stories that reveal something about themselves that the team may not have previously heard.

On this episode, we share are a few kinds of stories that Johnson recommends leaders tell. This episode is excerpted from the book Herding Tigers.

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