The Curious Death of Todd Henry

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Why would you drive a perfectly good barge through a perfectly good yacht club?

In this episode of Daily Creative, we embark on a journey with Todd Henry and host Joshua Gott as they delve into the rebranding of the podcast from The Accidental Creative to Daily Creative.

With the release of Todd’s 7th book, The Brave Habit, they explore the deep changes and tough decisions Todd has made in his career, as he confronts the death of the brand he cultivated over 18 years. They discuss the catalysts behind Todd’s decision-making, reflect on pivotal moments in his career, and explore the important concepts of bravery and having a vision for the future.

The episode offers valuable insights on confronting fear, embracing change, and pursuing a vision for a better future in your personal and professional life.

Key Learnings:

1. Brave decisions often precede a period of transformation. Embracing change and confronting fear can lead to new opportunities and growth.

2. Having a clear vision for the future is essential. Recognizing how things could be better propels individuals to make brave decisions and take action.

3. Comfort and familiarity can hinder progress. It’s important to recognize when fine isn’t good enough and pursue excellence, even if it means letting go and starting over.

4. Claiming agency is crucial in making brave decisions. Realizing one’s capacity to contribute to a better future is a vital step in pursuing change and growth.

5. Living out the principles being shared is essential. Todd’s personal journey reflects the bravery and commitment to change and growth that he encourages in others through his work and writing.

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