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Are you “flying blind”? It’s rare that everything is so clear that you can see exactly what to do. In those situations it’s dangerous to just go with your gut. In creative work, you need a few external tools to help you gauge which decision is best.

In this episode of Daily Creative, we explore how creators can navigate life’s challenges by establishing a personal “instrument panel”. We learn key insights from business leaders and high-performance coaches about living a remarkable life. Our guests include Guy Kawasaki (author of Think Remarkable), Christiana Smith Shi and Grace Puma (authors of Career Forward), and Jason Jaggard and Joseph Barkley (authors of Beyond High Performance).

Key Learnings:

1. Maintain perspective: Understand that situations are never as good or as bad as they seem, and use the attitude indicator to stay balanced.

2. Plant many seeds: Continuously sow opportunities and remain open to countless possibilities, regardless of the outcomes.

3. Embrace being underestimated: Actively pursue roles or projects where others may underestimate you, as it can lead to standing out and rising to the top.

4. Beware of benevolent stagnation: Don’t get too comfortable in your success; actively seek change and new challenges to keep growing.

5. Choose an optimistic vision: Instead of creating a pessimistic view of the future, opt for an optimistic perspective and believe in the possibility of success.

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