Anxiety Attack

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In this episode, we delve into the pervasive issue of anxiety and its impact on creative work. Liz Bohannon shares her journey from corporate life to launching Sseko Designs in Uganda. She explains how the narrative of being “special” can foster fear and anxiety, leading to a reluctance to take risks.

ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman recounts his experiences with panic attacks, including a career-defining on-air mistake, and the strategies he’s used to manage anxiety, which he shares in his book No Time to Panic.

Scott Mautz offers insights on building mental strength through fortitude, confidence, boldness, decision-making, goal focus, and positive messaging, outlined in his new book The Mentally Strong Leader.

Finally, Erwin McManus discusses the importance of creating for others and how love can displace anxiety. His new book is called Mind Shift.

Five Key Learnings:

  1. The Myth of Being Special: Liz Bohannon highlights how believing you are inherently special can actually lead to fear and anxiety, causing you to play it safe and stifling creativity.
  2. Techniques for Managing Anxiety: Matt Gutman introduces various modalities, including physical activities and mindfulness techniques, that can help manage anxiety and prevent panic attacks.
  3. Mental Strength in Leadership: Scott Mautz outlines six core mental muscles—fortitude, confidence, boldness, decision making, goal focus, and messaging—that leaders can develop to regulate emotions and thoughts.
  4. Redirect Rhythm: A simple but effective four-step process called the “redirect rhythm” can help manage negative emotions and improve mental strength.
  5. Creating with Love: Erwin McManus emphasizes the importance of creating for the benefit of others and how love can be a powerful force in combating anxiety and enhancing creativity.

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