Episode 04: Identity

This week, we begin our discussion about the three drivers of the “voice engine” by diving into Identity. Do you know what really drives you? Better yet, do other people? If you want to be respected by others, and you want your work to stand out, people have to know where you stand.


How A Family Dinner Chat Led To A Big Idea

At dinner a few weeks ago, our family conversation turned to current events, and specifically to the refugee crisis and other ways in which people around the world are struggling for even basic human freedoms and rights. We started discussing how people in many countries are oppressed and lack simple freedoms we take for granted.


Winning By What Standard?

Make sure that you define what success really means to you. If you don’t, you may find yourself standing on the podium some day, and realize it is simultaneously your moment of greatest success and defeat. How you define greatness ultimately defines you.

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