Winning By What Standard?

Make sure that you define what success really means to you. If you don’t, you may find yourself standing on the podium some day, and realize it is simultaneously your moment of greatest success and defeat. How you define greatness ultimately defines you.


How Fear Makes You Dumb

Don’t allow fear to cause you to act in dumb ways, whether that means abdicating your contribution or failing at your goal because you acted blindly in your attempt to be “courageous”.


Who Are You Becoming This Year?

Regardless of how resolute we truly are, I believe New Year’s Day is an important rite of passage. Every year I find that it forces me to reflect on how I want to be different in the upcoming year. I have to wrestle with the delta – the change I want to make through my actions, disciplines and choices. I get to stare for a brief moment at the photo that’s developing and see who I’m becoming.

Rites of passage offer us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, and who we are becoming (sometimes again). There is nothing special about New Year’s Day, except that it affords us a new beginning. A fresh start. A new frame.

Who are you becoming this year?

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