Episode 04: Identity

This week, we begin our discussion about the three drivers of the “voice engine” by diving into Identity. Do you know what really drives you? Better yet, do other people? If you want to be respected by others, and you want your work to stand out, people have to know where you stand.


Winning By What Standard?

Make sure that you define what success really means to you. If you don’t, you may find yourself standing on the podium some day, and realize it is simultaneously your moment of greatest success and defeat. How you define greatness ultimately defines you.


Harness The Power Of Your Authentic Voice

Don’t spend your life chasing a vapor. Don’t waste it bouncing from one comfortable place to another, hoping things work out in your favor. Commit to doing the difficult work of excavating, then utilizing your authentic voice. The journey is challenging and the hurdles are very real, but in the end you will point with pride to a body of work that represents you well. It begins now, in this moment.


Do What You Can, Ignore What You Can’t

For GenX and Y, it was the anthem song of childhood.

“You can do anything you want to do!”

We heard it from teachers, parents, coaches, and others who wanted to ensure that we didn’t suffer – even for a minute – from a lack of self-esteem. We all knew, deep down, that it was untrue. We failed at a lot of things, and most of us understood that – no matter how hard we tried – we weren’t destined to become heavyweight boxing champion of the world or GI Joe.


Reluctant But Resolved: A Challenge To Die Empty

Is passion important? Surely. Is it the most important factor in doing great work? I have my doubts. Some of the most effective contributors throughout time have been marked by two characteristics: they were (a) reluctant, but (b) resolved. They saw the great task before them, but they were determined to surmount obstacles because they recognized an opportunity and felt the urgency of the moment.

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