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Study Guides & Workbooks

The Accidental Creative Study Guide

Free Download
Packed with questions and insights to accompany your reading of the best-seller The Accidental Creative. Don’t just read the book; apply what you learn!

Die Empty Workbook

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A chapter-by-chapter study guide to help you apply insights from the best-seller Die Empty! Build a body of work you'll be proud of.

Herding Tigers Workbook

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Be the leader your team needs! This workbook follows the book Herding Tigers chapter by chapter, offering additional insights and deep dive questions.

Sample Chapters

The Accidental Creative

1 Free Chapter
Get started reading the best-seller The Accidental Creative. You’ll discover the basics of creating on demand and how to focus more effectively.

Die Empty

2 Free Chapters
Get started reading the best-seller Die Empty. Build a body of work you’ll be proud of!

Louder Than Words

3 Free Chapters
Start reading Louder Than Words today and develop a style of your own and a voice that resonates.

Herding Tigers

2 Free Chapters
Start reading Herding Tigers today and be the leader your creative team needs.

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