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Daily Rituals

Last week I read Mason Curry’s new book [amazon_link id=”0307273601″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Daily Rituals[/amazon_link]. Short review: it was fascinating.

I think there can be such a thing as too much interest in the routines of others, especially if it means  jumping from system to system instead of focusing on doing the work. However, there can also be a lot to learn by observing how ritual and routine forge channels for effective work, especially in the lives of especially productive artists and entrepreneurs.

Routine InfographicI was thrilled to stumble across this brilliant infographic containing visual representations of some of the routines featured in Daily Rituals. I found it helpful in quickly comparing and contrasting artists’ routines, like who worked during the day, and who was more productive at night. It’s also interesting to see the rhythms and patterns of social interactions throughout the course of the day.

That said, most of the routines in Curry’s book were drawn from personal correspondence, and may have only been reflective of a specific period in the life of the contributor. Still, it’s great to see that my early morning routine is reflective of other artists I admire. However, I was a little surprised by how many artists chose to work through the night and sleep throughout the day.

See the full infographic, and full description of the project here.

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  1. Sheri Maple

    I finished listened to your audiobook and incorporated the idea of using a workflow notebook (much better than a to-do list), and purchased Rituals the other day. I have a habit of not having ritual, but discovering the importance of a ritual if I am going to get anything done on a consistent basis.

    As a side note: I’m reading Biz Stone’s “Things A Little Bird Told Me – Confessions of the Creative Mind” which I find a charming, funny, and insightful story about his experience of co-founding Twitter. I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Jim Hough

    Todd, great read and loved the poster. My routines, while ever evolving, give me the structure I need to find the life balance that nurtures optimum creative output. Good sleep, good food, exercise, playtime, connecting with others…it’s the combination that keeps us contributing at a high level.

    • Uneek

      Jim, that is a great combination! I am working on getting more balance in my life so that I can have the benefit of all. . .Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brian Klein

    One of the things I was surprised about was that many of them did not work a crazy amount of hours and left a lot of time in for relaxation and socialization. I think this is one thing that people forget, is that you need to relax, but your work time should be very focused and productive.


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I write books, speak internationally on productivity, creativity, leadership, and passion for work, and help people and teams generate brilliant ideas.

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