The Thing You Do Every Day

It’s easy to convince yourself that it’s the big acts of willpower that make a difference in your work. It’s the massive, once-in-a-career project that falls into your lap, or the big deal that you spend two weeks around the clock trying to close. Yes, those are important, but they’re also rare.

More often than not it’s the little things that you do every day that actually move the needle. It’s your everyday practices that sharpen your skills and hone your instincts to the point that you’re able to take advantage of those big opportunities.


Call Your Own Bluff This Year

Have you ever had an idea burning inside of you that you knew could really take off, yet you just couldn’t stir up the courage to take the first steps? Unfortunately, many people choose to let those ideas die because they refuse to step outside of their comfort zone.


Are We Killing Artists To Take Their Golden Eggs?

As new technologies emerge that make it easier to share ideas, gain fans for your work, and influence the marketplace conversation, there is increasing celebration on the web about how these new models of distribution are making it possible for anyone to have a platform. In other words, if you have something to say, there is no one standing guard at the gate (e.g. publishers, music labels, TV Networks, etc.) telling you whether or not you’ll have access to the masses in order to share your idea. This is remarkable indeed. There should, in fact, be much rejoicing.

Until…one day we wake up and realize that all media is now digital, which means that there is no longer perceived scarcity.

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