Brilliance Under Pressure

Learn five practices to be brilliant at a moment’s notice, maintain focus, and stay energized.

The Big Idea

Brilliance under pressure can be inevitable through five key practices that empower you to produce exceptional work consistently, even under tight deadlines. Learn to overcome creative blocks, manage your energy, and tap into a wellspring of inspiration to delivery outstanding results, time and time again.

Keynote Description

In the fast-paced, create-on-demand world, the constant need to produce brilliant results can leave even the most talented creative pros feeling uninspired and burned out. Brilliance under Pressure provides a proven framework for maintaining peak creative problem solving, even under intense pressure. 

Through engaging stories and practical insights, keynote speaker and best-selling author Todd Henry equips you with powerful strategies to defeat the common “assassins” of creativity that rob you of focus and productivity. You’ll discover how to order your world to master five areas of creative rhythm that will enable you to stay energized and avoid the pitfalls of burnout and frustration. 

By the end of this keynote, you’ll be armed with a toolkit of practices that will transform your approach to creative work and enable you to consistently deliver brilliant results, no matter the circumstances. 

Based on Todd’s best-selling book, The Accidental Creative.


This keynote serves leaders and creative pros who are:
Facing constant demands for creative output and innovation. Struggling to maintain consistent brilliance under pressure. Seeking ways to enhance their creative process and productivity.


The audience will leave with:
Strategies to identify and overcome the major obstacles to creativity.
Techniques for maintaining energy and focus during intensive creative work.
Methods for finding inspiration and generating ideas in any environment.
A framework for achieving and sustaining peak creative performance.


While Todd customizes this keynote for each audience, it has proven to be effective for:
Creative industry conferences
Team-building retreats
Corporate innovation workshops
Professional development seminars
Leadership training programs

Let's make brilliance inevitable.

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