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In this first episode of Daily Creative with Todd Henry, we explore the concept of vision and its role in our work and relationships. We hear from Joshua Gott, a consultant and strategist, and Jonbob Willis, a creative photographer and “mad scientist”, who share their experiences of pursuing their passions and visions, despite fear and uncertainty. Through their stories, we discover that discontentment often leads to the birth of a vision, and that having the courage to act in the face of uncertainty and fear can lead to remarkable outcomes. The episode challenges us to consider what we might do if fear had no power over us and failure was an option, encouraging us to embrace brave action and creative courage in our lives and work.

Todd Henry’s new book The Brave Habit releases on January 23!

Key Learnings:

1. Discontentment can be the catalyst for developing a vision for the future, as it prompts us to consider what could be better in our lives and work.

2. Acting bravely and pursuing our visions often involves stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty, and taking risks.

3. When pursuing a vision, it’s important to focus on what we are moving toward, rather than what we are trying to escape.

4. Permission is not needed to pursue our ideas and passion projects. We should not be afraid to try new things and take risks, even if failure is a possibility.

5. Embracing creative courage and acting boldly in the face of fear and uncertainty can lead to unexpected and meaningful outcomes.

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