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In this episode we dive deep into what it means to truly commit to your creative project, featuring stories from our guests, Daniel Troia (award-winning filmmaker of We’re All In This Together), Brent Underwood (author of Ghost Town Living), and A.J. Jacobs (NY Times author of The Year Of Living Constitutionally). Daniel shares his unique journey of creating an award-winning film with minimal resources while relying on the kindness of strangers across America. Brent recounts his tale of revitalizing an abandoned mining town, investing all his resources despite numerous setbacks, including a devastating fire and the pandemic. And, A.J. Jacobs brings his usual blend of humor and wisdom to our discussion, elaborating on how he brings the lessons of his long-arc creative experiments to the world.

Here are five key lessons from the episode:

1. Pursuit of Passion Projects: Each guest highlights the personal fulfillment derived from pursuing their unique passion projects. Daniel Troia’s filmmaking journey, Brent Underwood’s revitalization of Cerro Gordo, and A.J. Jacobs’ immersive experiments demonstrate the depths of commitment and the personal satisfaction it can bring.

2. Understanding Costs and Setting Boundaries: The experiences of Brent Underwood and A.J. Jacobs shed light on the importance of being aware of the sacrifices involved in chasing ambitious goals. They both stress the necessity of setting healthy boundaries to avoid burnout and ensure sustainability in their pursuits.

3. Value of Experiential Learning: Both Daniel Troia and A.J. Jacobs emphasize learning by doing. Whether it’s learning filmmaking on the go or experimenting with living by historical documents, these experiences provide unique insights and foster a deeper understanding of their subjects.

4. Impact of Deep Engagement: A.J. Jacobs’ approach to his projects, such as adopting the tools and methods from the 18th century, illustrates how immersive experiences can lead to profound reflections and unexpected revelations, proving the value of engaging deeply with one’s work.

5. Community and Support: Across the narratives, there’s a recurring theme of the role of community and supportive relationships. Whether it’s the strangers who aided Daniel Troia on his journey or the need for people who can offer honest feedback as mentioned by Brent Underwood, the support system is crucial for navigating the challenges of intense, passion-driven projects.

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