I'm Todd Henry.

I write books, speak internationally on creativity, productivity, and passion for work, and help people and teams generate brilliant ideas.


In short, I’m an arms dealer for the creative revolution.

Be brilliant.

My first book, The Accidental Creative, teaches people and teams how to build practices that lead to everyday brilliance. It walks you through a step-by-step process for being prolific, brilliant, and healthy in life and work.

Unleash your best.

Die Empty, my second book, unlocks the forces that cause even the brightest, most skilled people to become stuck, and introduces practices that helps them get moving again.

It was named by the editors at Amazon.com as one of the best books of 2013.

Make your mark.

My third book, Louder Than Words, teaches you how to build a body of work that resonates deeply with your intended audience.

Lead well.

Herding Tigers, my fourth book, teaches how to be the leader that creative people need.

I speak.

I keynote at 30+ events each year, and inspire people to take action and unleash their best work.

I train.

Through my company I conduct workshops for teams wanting to be more productive and creative.

I podcast.

With millions of downloads, my podcasts have delivered weekly tips and ideas for staying prolific, brilliant, and healthy since 2005.