Keynotes that inspire action.

I’ve spoken internationally to tens of thousands of people across dozens of industries about productivity, creativity, passion for work, leadership, and how to unleash everyday brilliance.

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I believe that each audience member should  walk away with specific, concrete ideas they can immediately implement to make them more effective. Inspiration is important, but now more than ever I believe we need application.

As such, my keynote topics focus on concrete practices that lead to sharper focus, improved productivity and more effective collaboration. I can customize each talk for the audience, and can also develop a custom talk for certain occasions. (In addition to these keynote topics, I also conduct a number of workshops through Accidental Creative. These are more intensive half and full-day interactive sessions designed to help teams be prolific, brilliant and healthy.)

What To Expect When You Hire Me:


Inspiration + Application

I strive to make every talk not just inspirational, but also immediately applicable. I believe that action creates change, not inspiration alone.


I strive to make every talk fit the needs of the audience. We will discuss the event in advance so that I have a clear understanding of the opportunities and problems your audience is facing.

Focus On Service

I am there to serve you and the mission of your event. If there is any way I can add value, I will do everything I can to help make the event a success.

"Feedback has been extraordinary! In fact, to quote one of our guests, 'Todd's presentation was both mind blowing and life changing!' Wow!”

Gerri Brownstein, Publisher, Package Design Magazine

"Todd is an excellent speaker. His speech was tailored on theme, well paced, full of information, inspiration and practical application. I'd recommend Todd to anyone considering him."

Daniel Sheil, Intel

Featured Topics:

Passion for Work(life)

Are you building a body of work you can be proud of? When you channel a passion for work into something useful to others, the world around you changes. In this talk, you will learn a practical process for identifying personal and organizational passion areas, and a framework for applying them to the work you're already doing. Additionally, you'll understand why so many people and teams get stuck in a place of mediocrity, and how to avoid these common ruts and pitfalls so that you can unleash your best work.

(This talk is based on Todd's new book Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.)

How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice

Can you improve your odds of having great ideas when you need them most? Yes! While creative ideas can be elusive, with a few purposeful practices you can set yourself up to have great ideas, even under pressure. Learn the basics of life and work rhythm, and how to build an infrastructure that supports your personal and team creative process.

(This talk is based on invaluable insights from Todd's book The Accidental Creative.)

The Essentials Of Collaboration

Lack of effective collaboration kills teams, but it's easier to default to old habits and familiar systems when the pressure is on. If you want to do brilliant work, you must understand why collaboration breaks down, and what to do about it. In this talk, you'll learn how to effectively engage in conversation about process, gain a better understanding of your co-workers' motivations and goals, and how to set yourself up for long-term success in the marketplace of ideas.

Leading Through Uncertainty

There are certain core attributes that brilliant, effective leaders share, especially in the face of uncertainty. In this talk, you'll learn how to deal with the uncertainty inherent in our ever-changing marketplace, how to set your team and co-workers up for success, and what great creative leaders do consistently to unleash their best work every day.

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Todd at the 3% Conference:


"Todd's ability to connect and engage the audience was amazing. Two months later and people are still referencing the talk."

Joseph O'Sullivan, Intuit