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  • Why We Get Stuck: Definition, Motivation, & Systems“Stuckness” is, in many cases, a choice. You may not come up with the optimal solution, but if you stay diligent and commit to progress, you can always re-direct to a better place. However, wallowing in stagnancy is a shortcut to misery.
  • Pause and ThinkIn busy times, the thing we most often squeeze out of our lives is the single most essential component to effectiveness: thought. Isn't it odd that when there is more on the line, we stumble into the bad habit of "shooting from the hip" rather than giving full and measured consideration to our responsibilities?
  • Daily Rituals of Brilliant CreatorsLast week I read Mason Curry’s new book Daily Rituals. There can also be a lot to learn by observing how ritual and routine forge channels for effective work, especially in the lives of especially productive artists and entrepreneurs.
  • How I Use Scrivener To Organize My Book WritingHaving traditionally published two books, I field a lot of questions from writers about how I manage my book projects, what kinds of software I use, and what my schedule looks like. Here’s a brief summary of my process.


  • Laurel HolmanGreat article! I love love love hearing about othe
  • Tracey Kazimir-CreeThank you, Todd. I used to stop and think a lot in
  • TerryBrilliant, Todd, and badly needed. Thanks for this
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