I'm Todd Henry.

I help high-achieving, creative professionals find their voice, harness their passion, collaborate well, and produce the best work of their life.


In short, I'm an arms dealer for the creative revolution.


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I'm Todd Henry.

I help high-achieving, creative professionals find their voice, harness their passion, collaborate well, and produce the best work of their life.

In short, I’m an arms dealer for the creative revolution.

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Structure and creativity are two sides of the same coin. Brilliant people have brilliant rituals that keep them focused and productive.


Cover bands don’t change the world. To thrive in the marketplace you must find and develop your own, unique voice.


The antidote to regret is urgency + diligence. When you approach each day with intent and structure, you do your best work.


The Good Old Days

It’s human nature to seek greener pastures and new opportunities. Dissatisfaction with the status quo is often the beginning of growth and innovation, and is an essential part ofthe creative process. And, it can also mean an inability to fully appreciate the many gifts of your current situation.

Why You Should Argue Against Yourself

It is challenging to argue against yourself. Once you’ve determined a course of action, it’s much easier to jump into execution mode and figure it out as you go. However, in the effort to “ship” we often fail to lay a sturdy foundation for our work, and the results can be disastrous. You need to ensure that you are respecting the work by giving it your best mental effort.

Call Your Own Bluff This Year

Have you ever had an idea burning inside of you that you knew could really take off, yet you just couldn’t stir up the courage to take the first steps? Unfortunately, many people choose to let those ideas die because they refuse to step outside of their comfort zone.

Why You Should Have A Study Plan (and How To Make One)

For many people, the idea of “study” died the moment that they graduated from school, but it shouldn’t have. In fact, most of the incredibly successful people I encounter in the marketplace have some form of study plan that they follow in order to help them spot patterns in their business, anticipate client needs, and simply spark new ideas and new categories of thought. Here’s how they do it.

Learn To Say No (So That You Can Say Yes)

Brilliant ideas often bubble up in the white space – the areas between our frenetic activity – and if you don’t take care to intentionally carve that white space, you might find that you’re active, but not productive.

The Dangers Of Keeping Score

Ever feel anxious about your work even though things are going really well? It might be because you are keeping score in ways that don’t even matter.


Develop your voice, sharpen your vision, and master your days.

Louder Than Words is your playbook for taking your work to the next level. Don’t settle. Make echoes.

"He captivated the room - you could hear a pin drop as he spoke."

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