Make Brilliance Inevitable

The Best & Bright Framework™ is a roadmap for developing healthy teams who consistently deliver brilliant work.

Ambitious problem solvers can change the world. But often, individuals are struggling, teams are strained, and leaders feel stuck.

Todd Henry lays out a roadmap that helps organizations avoid the pitfalls of creative work to produce brilliant ideas and a culture that attracts and retains top clients and talent.

Every day, I interact with talented pros on the verge of boredom or burnout who are trying to produce brilliant work in a healthy team that's making a meaningful difference in the world.

Like you, they want to:

Push through mediocrity and do work that makes everyone proud
Attract and retain other talented and ambitious creative pros
Work in a healthy, communicative, and collaborative team environment
Create brilliant work that echoes beyond one-off projects and campaigns

Hi, I'm Todd.

For nearly 20 years I’ve equipped leaders and creative pros to become the most valuable people in any room. I speak internationally on creativity, productivity, passion for work, and generating brilliant ideas. I’ve written numerous best-selling books that have been translated into more than a dozen languages. My podcast has been downloaded more than 20 million times since 2005.

 Over the years I’ve developed a comprehensive framework that empowers leaders and creative pros to produce brilliant work in healthy teams that make a meaningful difference in the world.

Creative work is different.

Cookie-cutter leadership advice won’t cut it. How do you manage something as unpredictable as creativity? Winning organizations pull from a different playbook by igniting their best and brightest problem solvers to deliver brilliant work that makes a difference in the world.

Here's how it works:

Create Order

Structure your environment to enhance creativity, productivity, and clarity. By managing time strategically, filtering information inputs, and establishing supportive routines, creative pros can overcome hidden challenges that are holding them back.

A message that's impacted more than a million problem-solvers across the world.

Make brilliance inevitable for everyone.


Everyone wants to do brilliant work. Using the principles of my framework, people learn how to order their personal worlds, ignite motivation, stand out from the crowd, and communicate more clearly.


Leading creative people poses unique challenges. My content and guidance transform leaders into master collaborators who know how to lead creatives effectively and make brave decisions.

Teams & Organizations

Organizations rise and fall on the strength of their teams. Following the right principles, any team can make brilliance inevitable to attract and retain the best clients and creative pros. It's the ulitmate competitive advantage.

Let's make brilliance inevitable.

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