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About the show

Since 2005, we’ve delivered weekly tips to help you stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy. With over 15 million downloads in 150+ countries, we’ve become a staple for creative pros around the globe.


Host Todd Henry is the author of six books which have been translated into over a dozen languages. He speaks and consults globally with leaders and creative pros.

Household Demographics

Our audience is highly engaged, motivated, and professional.

48% of our regular listeners earn $100k+

68% of our audience has at least some college education.

Additionally, our audience is 4.41% more female than the average podcast audience. 

(Source: Chartable, Nov 2022)


Lifetime downloads of The Accidental Creative podcast.


2022 downloads of The Accidental Creative podcast (through Nov).

30 MIN

Average episode length, meaning most listeners stay engaged through ads.


Through November 2022, our average monthly downloads is 254K. Our back catalog remains strong, featuring popular guests and practical wisdom about how to thrive in the create on demand world.

Our individual 2022 episoded averaged 16.6K downloads per episode through August, 2022. (Source: Podtrac)

Trusted by top brands

We have many long-time sponsors who have found our partnership beneficial. Shopify, Bambee, Indeed, Skillshare, and many other top advertisers find our audience of creative pros beneficial to their advertising goals. 

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Sponsorship packages

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$1,000 with 50k guaranteed impressions.

Mid-roll (2 available/week):

$1,000 with 50k guaranteed impressions.

Our ads are host-read and host-endorsed, and dynamically inserted across our entire catalog. They run from Sunday to Sunday. We guarantee 50K impressions, and we will run a make-good in the event we don’t hit our targets. (We always do!) We are happy to share our ad read prior to the run, if requested.

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