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Be The Leader Talented People Need

Learn how to be the leader that every talented person wants to work for.

You’ve built the “Ferrari” of teams! You’re talented and driven and all the pieces seem to be in place. Still… you can’t figure out why motivating and leading all of these talented people is such a challenge.

In this talk, you’ll discover the few things that all talented, creative people need from their leader (they’re not what you think!) and how to deliver them consistently.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The two conflicting things that every talented person craves from their leader.
  • Why each person on your team must be individually and strategically led, and specifics for doing so.
  • How many leaders unknowingly forfeit the one thing that’s foundational to effective leadership, and how to re-claim it.
  • Why protecting your team’s time and attention must be a central focus of your leadership effort.
  • The three reasons most idea sessions fail to produce great results, and how to build a better brainstorm.
  • Why great leadership begins with leadership of self, and how to do so effectively.

This topic is available in both keynote and workshop formats and can be delivered in-person or from our studio.


Based On The Book:

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$20 per person!

“Todd’s presentations were among the most highly rated at our event. He was dynamic and engaging, and participants found his material to be insightful and actionable. And, Todd was a pleasure to work with too!”


“Todd Henry was absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite keynote speaker I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a lot). I’ve already told all my colleagues.”

Front End of Innovation Conference

“Todd Henry was a slam dunk. Everyone loved him. I had more positive comments about his presentation than I’ve ever had with any other speaker. In fact, all speakers combined. Thank you for suggesting him. You made us look good! He set the tone perfectly. He spent a lot of time getting to know the group the night before and really nailed it!”

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