David Allen’s book Getting Things Doneis one of the most successful productivity books in history. (If you’re not familiar, I’ve interviewed David a few times ? on ? the ? podcast, and also did an interview with him for his own community about how I use the system.)

GTD is a system for organizing and acting on the work that matters most. There are a lot of nuances to the system, and as a result many people get lost in the weeds and intricate details and get off track and stop utilizing it altogether. That’s unfortunate, because there are many principles that can be borrowed from GTD and acted upon, even if you don’t use the entire system.

While tips and tricks don’t matterif you don’t have a clear sense of why you’re working and what you’re trying to accomplish, they can help you gain a clearer head and more precision in your daily work. On this episode, I share three principles from Getting Things Done that have transformed my productivity over the past 16 years. 


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