Anyone else starting to experience a bit of “Zoom fatigue”? Many of us have been staring into cameras now for months on end, whether for meetings or pitches or even just casual interactions with friends, and it’s becoming a bit daunting. If your work requires you to capture and hold the attention of someone who is on the other end of a video call, you need to understand the principles of effective interpersonal communication, especially those that are non-verbal or non-intuitive.

On this episode, behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards is here to share the scientific principles of succeeding with people. Vanessa is the author of the best-selling book Captivate, and she also delivered the very popular (and perhaps unfortunately titled, given the current circumstances) TEDx Talk You Are Contagious. We discuss the verbal and non-verbal ways in which we connect with others, and some practical tips for being more effective whether in-person or on a video call.

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