If there was one word that I would use to describe those who succeed in the face of adversity, it would be resilience. Some professionals are able to withstand changing times, shifting expectations, and limited resources in a way that others aren’t. And, if there was one quality that is most needed right now, it certaintly is resilience.

On this episode, we feature an interview with John Jantsch, author of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. John discusses key principles for growing self-reliance in the midst of disconnected times, and how small business owners can continue to succeed even as the ground is constantly shifting beneath their feet.

In part two of this episode, I share three key principles for developing creative resilience during these uncertain times:

  • Train yourself to take risks in low-risk environments.
  • Always be learning a new skill, to create layers of redundancy and a mindset of perseverance.
  • Take time to synthesize and to think systemically and in layers, so that you can parse the noise and uncertainty.

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