I spent the past seven days on the road, both in Austin (at SXSW) and Palm Springs, CA (speaking at Giants of Design). It was a remarkable time and I enjoyed speaking and signing books at SXSW, but the highlight of the trip was – by far – in Palm Springs, getting to meet one of my favorite people on the web, Ze Frank. Ze spoke right before me, and afterward we had the chance to connect and talk a little about the nature of creativity. He even challenged me to create more tools to help people do the things I teach them. Very cool.

What I love so much about Ze is that he’s a maker. It’s his default mode to create things, put them into community, and watch them morph and develop. While there are more and more tools available on the web for creating things, it’s becoming easier and easier to slip solely into consumption mode. We need more makers in the world. We need more people who see their purpose on this earth being to bring things into being for the the use and enjoyment of others.

If you’ve not seen it, Ze did a talk at TED in 2010. It’s fantastic. I aspire to be more of a maker in my everyday life. I aspire to be more like Ze.


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