Who Are You Becoming This Year?

Yesterday we celebrated the dawn of a new year. 2012. The year of the apocalypse. (Or…for most of us, just another year.) New Year’s Day tends to prompt thoughts about change, so many of us make resolutions, and think about what we want to be different for us in the upcoming year. Unfortunately, many resolutions don’t really resolve anything, they’re just wishes, and when we break them we break trust with ourselves. Not good. If we do that often enough, we will find it creates little cracks in the dam that eventually yield to the weight of the water. Nature takes its course. We collapse under the weight of our own comfort.

Regardless of how resolute we truly are, I believe New Year’s Day is an important rite of passage. Every year I find that it forces me to reflect on how I want to be different in the upcoming year. I have to wrestle with the delta – the change I want to make through my actions, disciplines and choices. I get to stare for a brief moment at the photo that’s developing and see who I’m becoming.

Here is who I desire to become in increasing measure this year:

Ground-taker. I spent a big part of 2011 releasing The Accidental Creative. It’s hard to gauge the exact toll that took on my ability to create new content, but it was pretty extensive. I spent more of my time talking and writing about old thoughts than I did generating new ones. (Most of my new thoughts, in fact, were about how to better share the old ones.) This year I am resolved to spend more time taking new ground rather than tilling old ground.

Story-lover. I plan to read about 40 books this year (in addition to the journals, magazines and websites I regularly read.) I’ll share most of them on this site as I finish them. Of these new books, 25% will be fiction. This is new, unsettled ground for me, as I much prefer non-fiction, but I’m realizing lately that I need to care for my soul as much as my mind. I need fiction to arouse my humanity. (Any suggestions?)

Artist. I spend much of my time working with artists and creatives helping them discover how to unleash their potential. It’s a pretty great gig. Really. But I’ve found that as my art has become more and more about helping others unleash their art, I’ve lost balance. My ambition this year is to re-embrace the everyday work of art and to integrate it into the moments between the moments.

Rites of passage offer us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, and who we are becoming (sometimes again). There is nothing special about New Year’s Day, except that it affords us a new beginning. A fresh start. A new frame.

Who are you becoming this year?

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  1. Wes Roberts

    Todd…novels:  Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron; Godric and Brendan by Frederich Buechner; three of my favorite reads.  I know Ian…one good creative man. Wish I knew Buechner.  Both men have had deep impact on me and my journey.

  2. NickSmith

    Todd, I you want to read solid fiction, check out Anthony Doerr’s collection of short stories “Memory Wall.” It will blow your mind.

    • Todd Henry

      Thanks so much – I’ll check it out.

  3. Debbie Porter

    I am currently reading “Cutting for Stone”.  It’s a thriller.  I can’t sit it down.  Also, I highly recommend The Glass Castle and Water for Elephants if you haven’t read them already.  Happy New Year!  

  4. Joe Boyd

    Hey man,
    I think I am ready to focus more on being a writer and entrepreneur. Like your list, things I am already but not always intentionally. I posted some life learnings today about this stuff – http://joeboydblog.com

    • Todd Henry

      Great post, Joe. (And I love the stormtrooper poster…) So true that we are often chasing vapor in our pursuit of our dreams. Sometimes the best way to find stability and joy is to drill deeper into the ground we’re already standing on.
      Great thoughts.


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I'm Todd Henry.

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I write books, speak internationally on productivity, creativity, leadership, and passion for work, and help people and teams generate brilliant ideas.

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