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Your options for taking The Motivation Code™ assessment are below. In addition to the personal assessment, we also offer team assessment and training to help your organization discover the hidden forces that drive your best work. Interested in team assessment? Contact Us


You are about to discover what really drives you.

I’m so excited to share MCODE with you. When I first encountered this research several years ago, it completely changed how I approach my work every day. I trust that it will do the same for you.

There are two options for taking MCODE:

1. As a Leadercast guest, my partners at Pruvio have made it possible for you to take the full MCODE assessment for only $20. (Normally, it’s $49.)

The full assessment includes a personal ranking of all 27 themes, descriptions of each of your top themes , a full video library about MCODE™, and a suite of exercises to help you apply what you learn.

To take advantage of this limited Leadercast offer, just use code SHIFT2021 at checkout. Take The Full MCODE Assessment

2. There is a free (limited) version of the MCODE assessment that accompanies The Motivation Code book. You can access it at MotivationCode.com/free. It will reveal your top three motivations, and the book will help you learn more about them. Buy The Book

3. Finally, we deliver team assessment and training to help your entire organization unleash the power of MCODE. If you are interested in team training, just contact us.