I had the privilege of chatting with Bernadette Jiwa, brand strategist and author of the new book Hunch, about how to mine our everyday experiences for great insights and creative ideas.

It’s so easy to blitz through life and largely ignore bits of inspiration in your environment. Sometimes this is because we are busy, but often it’s because we’re distracted by the little devices we carry in our pockets. We no longer notice nuance because we are only scanning for “pings”. We don’t connect dots or recognize patterns because we are too distracted to give more than a fleeting moment of thought to an unusual experience. We don’t stop to consider our actions because we are simply moving though life, not really living it.

It is an act of cultural defiance to stand in line for five minutes and not look at your phone. I challenge you to do that today.  Dedicate some amount of time for listening to what’s around you and looking for inspiration in commonplace situations.

And, if you’d like to hear my conversation with Bernadette, it’s below.



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