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Marc Ecko, founder of Ecko UNLTD, discusses insights on personal branding, finding your voice, and doing work that matters from his new book Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out. The post AC Podcast: Marc Ecko on Unlabel appeared first on Accidental Creative.
To do brilliant work you need to identify your through-line, or the connective theme that ties all of your best work together. What’s yours? The post AC Podcast: Through-line appeared first on Accidental Creative.
To be effective, you must focus on the three kinds of work: Mapping, Making, and Meshing. In this episode, we delve into these three and how they affect your ability to unleash your best work each day. The post AC Podcast: The Three Kinds Of Work appeared first on Accidental Creative.
Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman shares insights from his new book Mission In A Bottle about the founding of Honest Tea and lessons he’s learned along the way. The post AC Podcast: Seth Goldman On Co-Founding Honest Tea appeared first on Accidental Creative.
Dan Schawbel, author of the new book “Promote Yourself”, shares insights into how to take advantage of opportunities in the workplace and build a valuable career. The post AC Podcast: Dan Schawbel on Promote Yourself appeared first on Accidental Creative.
Are you sacrificing long-term brilliance for a little short-term gain? Today we discuss some ways you might be doing it, and how to stem the tide. The post AC Podcast: Minimizing Regrets appeared first on Accidental Creative.
There are three forces that can drive our work. Two of them will eventually destroy us. Do you know what drives you? Listen in and find out. The post AC Podcast: What Drives You? appeared first on Accidental Creative.
Jeff Goins is a writer who challenges others to get moving on their dreams. His new book, The In-Between, is about living in the space between where you are and where you want to be. The post AC Podcast: Jeff Goins on Taking Action In Your Art appeared first on Accidental Creative.
The lack of willingness to commit to creative decisions will kill your motivation and the motivation of your team. In this episode, we discuss a strategy for making and keeping creative commitments in the midst of your work. The post AC Podcast: Commit To Decisions appeared first on Accidental Creative.
A simple practice that leverages the power of competition to help you come up with better ideas and do better work. The post AC Podcast: Competition Is Your Friend appeared first on Accidental Creative.
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