Why You Should Write A Resignation Letter (But Not Send It)

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On this episode, we dive into two powerful tactics to help you approach your career more meaningfully. First, we discuss the power of writing a resignation letter as a means to self-awareness. Then, we discuss the concept of “unnecessary creating” and how it allows for skill development, experimentation, and self-discovery. Todd shares insights on identifying unnecessary creating activities and the importance of having creative outlets outside of our jobs.

Key Learnings from this episode:

1. Engaging in unnecessary creating is essential for continued growth and creativity.

2. Relying solely on existing skills can lead to stagnation and lack of passion in our work.

3. Writing a resignation letter, but not sending it, can help us gain clarity on our motivations and frustrations.

4. It is crucial to have creative outlets outside of our jobs to maintain our love for our profession.

5. Unnecessary creating opens up new pathways of thinking and can lead to insights that impact our on-demand work.

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