Tomorrowmind (with Gabriella Rosen Kellerman)

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Throughout history, people have had to adapt to changing circumstances and opportunities in order to thrive. However, the pace of change has been accelerating for the past century in an unprecedented way. And, as creative pros, we often feel the effects of the pace of change.

On today’s interview, Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman is here to discuss how we can prepare ourselves for what is to come. As she says in the episode, “Since hunting and gathering, we’ve had to adapt the same neural hardware that’s designed for foraging. And in each of those adaptations, whether it’s agriculture or industrialization, there are parts of the old machinery that work, and there are parts that are a mismatch.” Today’s episode helps us identify those mismatches and how we can prepare for what’s next.

Dr. Kellerman’s new book is called Tomorrowmind.

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