The Four Capacities (with Robert Glazer)

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Robert Glazer is the author of the best-selling book Elevate and the new book Friday Forward, and is also the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners. He believes that there are four fundamental capacities that everyone must develop in order to thrive in work and life:

Spiritual Capacity: This is your connection to a core set of values, guiding principles, and deep sense of self. Without it, you are a rudderless ship drifting with the tide.

Intellectual Capacity: This is your capacity to use your mind to solve problems, remain resilient, and spot opportunities.

Physical Capacity: This is how you develop your body and care for your physical self so that you are able to perform at your peak at all times.

Emotional Capacity: This is how you engage with the world around you, with your peers, and with those you care about.

In this interview, Robert shares some practical tips for developing each of these four capacities, some watch points for when you are in danger of failing to mind them, and some practices to help you sustain performance.

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