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On this episode, I answer several questions sent in by listeners.

Want to ask a question? If we use it I’ll send you a Daily Creative t-shirt. Ask your questionHere’s what we cover on today’s episode:

How do teams better take into account the execution of an idea at the moment when that idea is being selected?

What principles from my books should teachers (or parents of children) focus on implementing with kids?

What year-end rituals do I recommend for prepping for a great new year?

Are generalists and specialists both valuable in the workplace?

What should you do when you’re thinking about giving up on a project or idea?

How do you motivate people who aren’t being paid for the work they do, but you still need to lead them?

A few resources mentioned in this episode:

My 2023 4 Questions guide

Emily Wapnick’s talk on Multipotentialites

Range (book)

The Dip (book)

Austin Kleon’s 100 Things post


Also, my new book Daily Creative is available now.


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