Measure What Matters: Are You Tracking The Right Things?

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In this episode, we dive into the topic of what to measure when it comes to complex work and personal goals. Host Todd Henry shares his insights on how to determine what is worth tracking and what is not.

He emphasizes the importance of starting with your desired outcomes and objectives instead of focusing solely on the activities. Todd introduces two types of metrics to consider: tactical metrics and time metrics. He provides a practical example of how he used different metrics to measure his progress in writing and editing a book.

Finally, Todd warns against the common mistake of mixing up tactical and time metrics in organizations.

Key learnings from this episode:

1. Begin by identifying your desired outcomes and objectives before determining what to measure.

2. Utilize tactical metrics to measure specific activities that contribute to your overall objective.

3. Shift to time metrics when deep cognitive work is involved, as sustained focused time is crucial for producing quality work.

4. Measure the amount of deep focused time spent on a task or project, rather than focusing solely on the number of hours spent.

5. Avoid mixing up tactical and time metrics in organizations, as it may result in measuring the wrong things and hindering progress.

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