Liz Bohannon on “Beginner’s Pluck”

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In this episode of The Accidental Creative, we revisit our 2019 conversation with Liz Bohannon. Liz shares her journey of moving to Uganda without a plan or job after college, and how that led her to start a socially conscious fashion brand. We dive into her book, “Beginner’s Pluck,” which challenges the narrative of being special and encourages action on small dreams. Liz’s practical and authentic approach to entrepreneurship and leadership shines through as she shares her experiences and lessons learned. Join us as we explore the power of pluck and embracing our inner beginner.

Key Learnings from this Episode:

1. Embrace the power of small dreams: Taking action on small dreams creates momentum and propels us out of waiting and indecision.

2. Let go of the need to be special: Redirecting our energy from trying to be unique to creating and doing can lead to greater productivity and innovation.

3. Treat small dreams as sacred: Acting on small dreams, even if they lead to failure, builds momentum and opens pathways to bigger dreams.

4. Own your average: Find fulfillment in positively impacting a few people’s lives, rather than striving to be loved by everyone.

5. Embrace the qualities of a beginner: Beginners naturally excel in certain areas, and experts can channel their inner beginner for more effective leadership.

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