Letting Go and Embracing The New: Navigating Times Of Change In Your Team

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In this episode we delve into the topic of expectations and leading indicators during times of transition. Todd Henry provides practical strategies for establishing stability by clarifying expectations and creating new cultural principles. Additionally, he highlights the importance of identifying leading indicator behaviors that align with those principles. By defining expectations and reinforcing them through these leading indicator behaviors, teams can successfully navigate times of transition.

Key Learnings:

1. During times of change, it is crucial to establish stability by clearly articulating new expectations, cultural principles, and systems.

2. People often cling to the old way of doing things for stability, but it is essential to push them towards embracing the new.

3. “Ghost rules” or invisible narratives can hinder the adoption of new ways of working.

4. Redundancy in communication is necessary when introducing new expectations and cultural principles.

5. Identifying leading indicator behaviors that align with desired outcomes can help reinforce new ways of working and ensure successful navigation through transitions.

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