Ideas, Armpits, and Founding Grubhub (with Mike Evans)

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Some of the most effective ideas are those that solve a problem you are personally experiencing. If you have a need, it’s likely others have the same need as well. But often, we gloss over those moments of insight because it seems too daunting to act, or maybe we assume that someone else is probably working on it anyway.

But, what if they’re not? What if your idea is truly an opportunity, if you’re willing to do something about it?

Today’s guest didn’t just let his idea sit on a shelf. Instead, he acted and founded a company that has now grown into a multi-billion dollar company. His name is Mike Evans, and on today’s show he shares how an unfortunate encounter with an armpit on a bus ride home from work turned into the motivation to found the company Grubhub.

Mike’s new book about his entrepreneurial journey is called Hangry, and is available now. 

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