Good Design is for Everyone: Mauro Porcini on PepsiCo’s Decade of Design and Innovation

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In this episode, we dive into the importance of design with Mauro Porcini, the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo. Design is often seen as an afterthought or something purely aesthetic, but Mauro explains that true design is a culture of caring. It begins with observing and understanding the needs and desires of people, and then creating solutions that meet those needs. Design is about more than making money, it’s about making a real impact on people’s lives. Mauro also shares the qualities of organizations that attract and retain talented designers, including traits like kindness, curiosity, and optimism. Join us for this insightful conversation on the power of design and its impact on leadership.

Mauro’s new book is called Good Design Is For Everyone.

Key Learnings from this episode:

1. Design is not just about aesthetics, it’s about understanding and meeting the needs of people.

2. True design begins with observation and caring about what people need and want.

3. Kindness, curiosity, and optimism are key qualities that attract and retain talented designers.

4. Design is a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes.

5. Organizations that prioritize design create a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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