Getting To The Best Idea (a conversation with Niki Papadapoulos)

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In this episode we re-vist a 2018 chat with highly respected editor Niki Papadapoulos. Niki shares her insights on the role of editing, offering invaluable advice for anyone looking to make an impact with their work. From the importance of finding the core of an idea to strategically building connections, Niki provides a wealth of knowledge. Todd and Niki also discuss the significance of having a point of view that may challenge and even offend some readers, as well as the importance of sharing and testing work in front of an audience.

Key Learnings from this Episode:

1. Make your product have impact, not just for the sake of making it.

2. Write as if you are speaking directly to one person who needs the advice.

3. Strategically build connections with people in your industry based on shared interests.

4. Consider the target audience and their relationship with your kind of product when developing an idea.

5. Share and test your work in front of an audience to overcome the fear of rejection and improve consistently.

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