Forget Passion, Chase Obsession (with Naveen Jain) – PREMIUM

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Everyone knows that following your passion is the key to success, right? Today’s guest Naveen Jain offers an emphatic “no!” He believes the key to success in life is identifying an obsession and chasing it with everything you have, regardless of what it may cost.

Naveen is an entrepreneur driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius, and InfoSpace. He has been awarded many honors for his entrepreneurial successes and leadership skills, including “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Albert Einstein Technology Medal” for pioneers in technology, “Most creative person” by Fast Company, and “Humanitarian Innovation Award” at the United Nations among others.

In this episode, we discuss what he has learned through his decades of entrepreneurship and how we can each identify problems worth spending our lives on.

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