Dream Big and Win: Liz Elting’s Journey from Idea to Billion Dollar Company

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In this episode, Todd Henry interviews Liz Elting, the co-founder of billion dollar translation solutions company TransPerfect, about her new book Dream Big and Win and her entrepreneurial journey.

Liz shares her experience of leaving her job at a finance company and starting TransPerfect, a language solutions company, in an NYU dorm room. She discusses the concept of perfecting existing ideas rather than inventing something entirely new, highlighting the importance of identifying gaps in the industry and providing better solutions.

They also discuss the importance of taking calculated risks and reinvesting in the business to achieve long-term goals, and Liz’s decision to stay with TransPerfect until it became the world’s largest language solutions company.

Key Takeaways:

1. Dreams alone are not enough for success. Taking action and employing verbs is essential.

2. Perfecting existing ideas can be just as successful as inventing something entirely new.

3. Taking calculated risks, especially in the early stages of entrepreneurship, can lead to long-term success.

5. Minimizing financial commitments and being willing to throw yourself into your business.

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