DJ Z-Trip on Finding Your Voice

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Today we have an absolute treat for you. We are revisiting a conversation from a few years ago with a legend in the world of music, a man who has continued to define, then re-define the art of DJing—none other than DJ Z-Trip.

Z-Trip is considered one of the founding fathers of the mash-up movement, seamlessly blending genres from rock to hip-hop, jazz to electronica. His ability to read the room and adapt in real-time is almost supernatural, and it’s a skill that not only puts him in high demand but has also earned him awards and accolades.

But what’s fascinating is that Z-Trip is not just a master of mixing tracks; he’s a master of mixing ideas, cultures, and even business models. In today’s conversation, we’re going to dive deep into the creative process that allows Z-Trip to stay consistently ahead of the curve. We’ll explore how he manages the tension between art and commerce, and how he found his unique voice.

So whether you’re a musician, a designer, an entrepreneur, or just someone looking to tap into your own creative potential, today’s episode is a masterclass in navigating the complexities of modern creativity.

Oh, and one more thing – Z-Trip actually took this conversation and re-mixed it before we originally released it. Also, if you’d like to hear a remix that Z-Trip did of an entire episode of the podcast, you can listen to it here.

Get ready to be inspired in the best ways by Z-Trip. 

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