Debunking Myths About Creative People

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What’s the first thing that goes through your mind when I say “creative person”?

Depending on your experiences, your initial thoughts may inspire warm ideas like “collaborative, open, possibility thinker” or maybe, on the other side, some less positive ones like “difficult, prima donna, or snobby.”

In my book Herding Tigers I wrote about five persistent myths about creative people that often lead to challenges in the workplace. On this episode, we’re going to address and bust these myths. 

Why is busting these myths so important? First of all, perpetuating stereotypes can discourage people from embracing their own creative potential. If you’ve been led to believe that you can’t be analytical and creative at the same time, for instance, you might shy away from opportunities that allow you to use both sets of skills. 

Second, these myths can impede collaboration and communication. If you’re a manager who believes that creative individuals are flaky or unreliable, you might hesitate to entrust them with important projects—missing out on their unique skills and perspectives. And third, let’s face it—most of us enjoy a bit of myth-busting; it’s refreshing to challenge our own perspectives and grow as individuals.

Today, we’ll be exploring five of the most pervasive myths about creative people. We’ll dissect each one, delve into its origins, and, most importantly, unveil the truth. 

And, if you want to delve deeper into this topic, check out chapter two of Herding Tigers, which is what I’ll be reading from today. 

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