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I have been waiting for this announcement for over a year. Last Thursday I sent an announcement to all of our subscribers of 3 Things, my Sunday email that goes out each week with three creative sparks, that I’ve been working on a secret book during the pandemic. In fact, the book is about twice as long as any of my previous books and I wrote it in about a third of the time. It was quite a push.

The main reason why I wrote this book is because I noticed that a lot of people around me – creative pros at all levels of their game – were struggling to stay engaged and focused during the pandemic. However, those who seemed to endure and even thrive in the midst of the uncertainty were those who had daily practices to sustain them.

A phrase popped into my head: Talent may get you a seat at the table, but it’s your daily practices that keep you in the game. What you do every day matters most.

So my new book, Daily Creative, is designed to help you do just that. It features 366 daily essays covering everything from mindset to tools to creative sparks to leadership. It’s designed to be your daily companion as a creative pro. In fact, one early reader told me “It’s like having my own personal coach in the mornings.” That’s exactly what I was aiming for.

Why are daily practices important?

1. They keep you micro-aligned. When you’re doing complex, uncertain work, it’s easy to drift. Just a few small deviations from your intended course seem like no big deal, but those deviations amplify over time and can carry you far from where you intended to end up. So, by doing a daily check-in on both your mindset and your practices, you ensure that you’re at least making intentional decisions about your course.

2. They develop resilience. How do you increase your capacity? By doing hard things. By asking hard questions. By pushing beyond your comfort. Daily practices force you to do things you may not always feel like doing, but that will increase the likelihood you’ll persist in the face of resistance. You train yourself to do hard things.

3. They refine your perspective and productive passion. You are smarter than you think. You know much more than you think. However, much of what you know is beneath the surface of your consciousness. It’s on the level of intuition. When you’re under pressure, you are likely to ignore those intuitive hunches because they’re inconvenient. A daily practice forces you to slow down, listen to your thoughts, and be shaped by your intuition.

So, even though the book doesn’t release until September 6th, I’m asking you to pre-order it now. Pre-orders are a huge part of the early success of a book, which is why so many authors ask you for them. So, I’ve put together a bunch of pretty great bonuses as a thank you for those who pre-order.

For example, you can get the audiobook version for free. Or, you can actually start reading the book RIGHT NOW by receiving it as a daily email.

Learn how to get these bonuses at dailycreativebook.com.

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