Creativity As Tension: Navigating the Three Assassins

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In this episode, Todd discusses the dynamics that often go unseen and can hinder our creativity, which he refers to as the “assassins of creativity”: dissonance, fear, and expectation escalation. Todd shares insights on where these assassins come from and how we can effectively deal with them.

Key Learnings from the Episode:

1. Creative professionals often face tension between their creative instincts and the practical expectations of their job.

2. The assassins of creativity, such as dissonance, can derail our focus and hinder our creative process.

3. Understanding the “why” behind our tasks and projects is essential to staying on track and producing meaningful work.

4. Fear is often the result of artificially escalating the perceived consequences of failure.

5. Expectation Escalation is constantly comparing your in-process work with the best thing you’ve ever done.

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