Breaking Free from Approval Addiction

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In this episode of The Accidental Creative podcast, we dive into the topic of approval addiction and how it can hinder our effectiveness as leaders and creative professionals. Whether you have a formal leadership position or not, we all have the capacity to lead and influence others. However, when we prioritize being liked over making progress and speaking truthfully, it can negatively impact our ability to lead effectively. Host Todd Henry shares insights and strategies from his book Herding Tigers on how to overcome this approval addiction and focus on being effective, even if it means not always being liked.

Key learnings from this episode:

1. The tension between being liked and being effective is common in everyday interactions and collaboration.

2. Prioritizing being liked over being effective can hinder our ability to lead and make progress.

3. Speaking the truth with empathy is crucial. Consider the context, timing, and how the other person is likely to receive your words.

4. Refusing to engage in conversations that involve gossip or throwing team members under the bus helps to maintain trust and create a positive work environment.

5. Balancing the desire to be liked with the desire to be effective requires self-awareness and a willingness to prioritize progress over perception.

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