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Why do talented, capable people fail to ask the questions that they know they should ask?

In this episode, our guest, Jeff Wetzler, author of the book Ask, shares why capable individuals often struggle to learn from others.

Throughout the conversation, we explore Jeff’s five-part ASK framework, designed to systemize effective questioning and enrich our understanding of those around us.

We learn that choosing curiosity, making it safe, asking quality questions, listening to learn, and reflecting and reconnecting are key practices that lead to impactful learning and growth.

Join us as we unravel why these practices are crucial and how to integrate them into our daily lives to become more aware, thoughtful, and effective in our personal and professional interactions.

Key Learnings:

1. Choose Curiosity: We should actively choose to be curious and strive to learn from others, rather than relying on our existing assumptions.

2. Make It Safe: Creating a psychologically safe environment encourages others to share valuable insights without fear of judgment.

3. Ask Quality Questions: Good questions are those that genuinely seek to learn from others and are asked at the right moment.

4. Listen to Learn: Listening with the intention to learn, rather than to respond, leads to deeper understanding and better outcomes.

5. Reflect and Reconnect: Post-conversation reflection and subsequent connection ensure that insights are properly understood and lead to actionable steps.

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