Amos Heller (Taylor Swift Bass Player) On Craft, Creative Growth, and Living In The Moment

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In this episode of The Accidental Creative, we sit down with Amos Heller, the touring bass player for Taylor Swift, to discuss his craft, gamifying growth, and the importance of living in the moment.

Amos shares how his exposure to different genres and the enthusiasm of others has influenced his interests and knowledge. We dive into his journey as a musician and his experiences working with Taylor Swift, exploring the balance between staying true to his strengths while collaborating in a professional context to help the team accomplish its goals.

Amos also reveals his practice routine and the physical and mental demands of being a touring musician, and how he copes with them. Join us as we gain insights from Amos’s experience and learn valuable lessons about creativity, preparation, and the power of being yourself.

Listen to our past interview with Amos here.

Key Learnings from the Episode:

1. Surrounding yourself with passionate people and exposing yourself to different genres can greatly influence your interests and knowledge.

2. The act of listening is crucial for growth as a musician and artist.

3. Being true to your own artistic vision may make it harder to work with others in a professional context, but you must seek opportunities to find work that aligns with your aesthetics and ideas.

4. Preparation is essential for bringing your best to a professional and collaborative setting. Don’t wing it.

5. Balancing staying true to yourself and submitting to the mission of the team is key to success in a creative career.

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