A Simple Tactic For Accomplishing Your Goals

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It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we believe that we are running out of time. The ironic thing is, we are. Every single one of us has a finite number of days on this planet, and each new day means that we are getting closer to our inevitable end. I don’t say this to depress you, but rather to instill a sense of urgency about how you approach your days. 

If you knew you had exactly one year left on this planet, what would you do? And, why aren’t you doing it? To be fair, we have to behave responsibly and with an eye on the future, which is why I despise the advice “live each day like it’s your last.” However, as you consider your ideas, your dreams, your relationships, your ambitions, which of them are you deferring action on until a more convenient time? In truth, that time may never come. 

On this episode, I share a simple technique for pursuing your goals and making them happen.

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